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             Neonplay designed in Shenzhen by a local company , it's helping designer to create amazing color animation which the flash can't or very hard to do and use the english version, you must purchase a USB Key to open Neonplay.
            Unfortunately ,all the traning video or datasheet are chinese and we can not offer english version 
1.The installation file are EXE file, make sure you An-ti virus software wouldn't block it during stalltation when you insert the Dongle USB Key to PC, there will be no disk notice, but you can open the software it means working normally
2.The Key only could work in one PC, when you use Neonplay to other PC, you must put the Key to the PC which running the software.

3.Support system XP.Windows


The tol file can not compatiable with LEDedit or other program software,

the tol file only support Neonedit software (NeonEdit controller).

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