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WS2811 Magic LED Strip


1. Hotels,restaurants,nights clubs,

2. Shopping malls,various shops,

3. Coffee/wine bars, furniture light

4. Cinemas,beauty centers,
5. Coffee/wine bars, furniture light.

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WS2811 Magic LED Strip

Product Parameter:

P/N VCC Power/M
LED Qty/m Size
IC chip
IC Qty/m
PCB Color Lumen per meter
IP Rate
S90PWS2811 DC12V 27W
5050 90leds/m 5000*20mm WS2811 30 White& Black R:36000 G:63000 B:17100



1. One meter 30 segment 90 lights ,strip layout using a period of a pixel a shear segment, a meter to 30 pixels,can achieve most of the requirements of the project;
while the pads are used strip-shaped pad to facilitate customers free Shear, connection.

2. Compared to the traditional light of the process, a 30-meter section of 90 lights using high-quality FPC board, board wide and thick, fast heat more durable, better
quality. Light strip width 20mm, 3 lights side by side,bright and clean board surface, intuitive atmosphere.

3. Light bar brightness than the general guardrail tube,neon tube high, a row of three lights simultaneously light,for decorative lighting requirements of high places or a
strong dynamic effect of the place. Second, the light effect of the clear, bright color and intuitive, for outdoor lighting in the Happy Valley, chase, water, rainbow and gradient

effects, the color of the tube and the neon tube is more than bright and beautiful.



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