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APA2020 RGB LED Strip
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       What is awesome meaning !!! APA2020 LED chip , Top mounted IC+RGB Chip LED RGB single point of control, 8 bit color set, you wouldn't believe the package size is 2*2mm regarding to the special thin application.Here are APA2020 LED chip's Specifications:

 RGB Single point of control

• 8Bit(256 level)color set
• 5Bit(32level)brightnessadjustment
• ICinput voltage 4.5v--7.5v
• 20mA,Contant current output
• Anti-Reflectionresin
• View angle : >=120 (min 50% brightness)
• High contrast



Luminous Intensity(lv)

Red: 300--500mcd Green: 500--850mcd Blue: 120--220 mcd

R/G/B@20mA,Ts=25℃;Tolerance ±10%


Red: 619--626nm Green: 520--535nm Blue: 465--475nm
R/G/B@20mA, Ts= 25℃; Tolerance ±10%

Applied voltage

Power consumption

View angle


Refresh rate

400 cycle

       We developed this slim led strip,4mm width 30pcs APA2020,totally flexible but IP20 as the brightness quite high based on very thin PCB,it getting a little bit hot,make sure you will hold the strip on somewhere which could lose the heat,never use static white color each LED addressable but not cut-able the soldering pad on front side is Data and clock, back side of PCB DC5V &GND Each pcs stripe we soldering a JST SM 4 Pin male connector as input ,cable size 26AWG.

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