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WS2811 26mm LED Pixel
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        This client from Poland who ordered different pixels led lights like P16V5-WS2811, P20V5-WS2811, P10V5-WS2811, S0832WS2812 and P26V12-UCS1903.We met in Barcelona IAAPA show on Sep. The company is one of leading entertainment suppliers in Poland. They focused on amusement machines. 
        Because our regular type 26mm diameter pixel led lamp with UCS1903 IC, 3leds, DC12V input.
        They're very interested in WS2811 IC type and need the voltage is 5VDC. After his request, we used this 26mm frosted shell(P261FV5), just one pcs SMD 5050 led with WS2811 IC 5V pixel inside. The 1leds pixel led power is 0.3w/pcs.

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