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SK6812 LED Strip Flexible Sreen Project in Madrid
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       This screen located in center of city Madrid Spain ,our client used the 60pixel per meter of addressable led stripe .

       Size of screen 100*2800cm ,total  16 sections, each section,15m of 60 Pixel per channel =900 Pixels,2pcs T-8000C controller 16 channel.

       The animation looks not bad, also customer took this video under the signboard,when people walk in another side of street, it will be more clear to view message which showed on screen ,actually it's installed inside of glass with bare strip, you must wondering how did they handling the full screen inside of glass ? there is a transparent acrylic sheet ,and this sheet handing on top side of frame .

        To be the sk6812 led strip supplier,we're supprised to get such feedback from customer.

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