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SK6812 rgbw rigid frame
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              SK6812 rgbw rigid frame

This idea from one of customers in USA who want to make a rigid frame.

You will see in the pictures there are two boards we need that will be connected together to form a frame

these should be produced on rigid black material. He like to keep each board independent so that he can 

swap out ones that fail individually. Each one has a male and female 3 pin JST connector although 

the last board in the unit will be left disconnected.

According to his DFX files and our suggestion, the product was come out.
here are some details
the length side:
20PCS SK6812 nuture white led chip,black rigid module,DC5v. 4.8w/pcs,
pixel pitch 17mm, L*W340.5mm*32mm each end with 3pinJST SM 2.5 connecotors

the width side:

13PCS SK6812 nuture white led chip, black rigid module,DC5v. 3.12w/pcs,
pixel pitch 17mm, L*W221mm*38mm each end with 3pin JST SM 2.5 connecotors

Any idea, welcome to inquiry..
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