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Single Color LED Strip
White+RGB+warm white 5 color in one LED tape


1- Boutique atmosphere lighting
2- Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
3- Architectural decorative lighting,
4- DIY household lights for hallways,
5- stairs, Wineshop trails ,windows, ;
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                    White+RGB+warm white 5 color in one LED tape

Product Parameter:

P/N Beam Angle
VCC Power/M
LED Qty Size(mm) CRI


120 deg
DC24V 26W(MAX) 5050 60leds/m 5000*12 ≥80

RGB+Warm White 2800-3200k

RGB+Nature White 6500-7000k

RGB+Cool White 9000-10000k



When people loving to use the 4 color in one RGBW tapes, the new generation LED coming !!!  
Same package size 5050 but it's included white ,Red, Green,Blue,and warm white, Five color in one LED
The flex strip working with DC24V constant voltage, 6 LED per section per 10cm with solder pad 
Back side sticked 3M tape ,watch the cable, the black is DC24V, Yellow cable means warm white
The other 4 cable match the rest 4 different colors
White color PCB and we provide IP20 / IP65 silicon tube housing 
5 meters in a reel 


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