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F125 RGB Series


1. Business premises, stage, conference room,

2. Display lights, ancient buildings,

3. Stage illumination,

4. Viaduct overpass, building exterior wall, building landmark,
5. Landscape building, outdoor plaza,

6. Color of landscape, wall and display,

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                                            F125 RGB Series

Product Parameter:

    Product Number

F125 RGB Series



    Quantity of LED


    Operating Voltage


    Control (IC)

DMX512 3CH

    Light Source 

TX-3535 3in1

    Size (mm)

L 440 * W 125 * H 185

    Beam Angle



R: 248lm G: 584lm B: 180lm

    Glass Thickness 


    IP Level


    Life Time

50,000 Hours at Ta=40°C

    Work Temp

-20℃ - 50℃

    Operating Humidity


    Finishing Materials

Aluminum and Tempered Glass


- using brand high-power LED chips, and a unique array of LED layout design, with high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure color, no ghosting.
- The shell is extruded from 6063 aluminum extrusion with high thermal conductivity and is resistant to high-strength impact. The surface of the lamp is treated with electrostatic spray, which is corrosion resistant and UV resistance.

- Transparent parts are made of high-strength toughened glass with 99% light transmittance, high light transmittance and impact resistance.
- long life and low light decay, the light effect can still maintain nore than 80% after 30,000 hours.
- Customized design such as monochrome, high voltage, color mixing, multi-effect, multi-power, lengthening, etc according to customer require ments.
- Widely used in: outdoor sports venues, park squares, architectural lighting projects.

Structural hint:

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