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About iPixel

iPixel LED was born in 2010 when Mr. Kevin Kon entered the LED lighting industry and founded a 

company intended on serving the needs of customers across the world. Upon the inception of our com-

pany we found that 90% of our customers were requesting customized products based on our standard 

sizes. Many clients requested changes to cable length, PCB color and IC types. Ipixel made the decision to 

focus on providing these various customizations for our clients.

We are a manufacturer with years of experience and expertise in different pixel LEDs. We have worked with 

this particular product for many years and perfected our craft for over a decade. We currently focus on LED 

Neon flex, flexible pixel strips, rigid pixel bars, and LED wall washers. Our development team is consistently 

working on improving and designing new products. Furthermore, we are dedicated to testing each of our 

products to ensure our customers receive high quality LED products. We have a variety of testing equipment 

including humidity & temperature gauge machines, weatherproofing chambers and integrating spheres.

Our company consists of more than 50 employees, all of whom are dedicated to providing excellent pro

ducts and customer service.  Ipixel’s major clients are located in North America, Mexico and Europe. We are 

a moderately sized company, but we are effective and provide individualized attention to all of our clients. 

We excel at accepting customer orders without a large MOQ requirement. Our experience and knowledge 

allows us to assist you in realizing your ideas at a reasonable cost with a quick turnaround.

We look forward to meeting you soon! Thank you.

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Email: inquiry@ipixelleds.com WhatsApp: 0086-138-0255-3087       Skype: ipixelled
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