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Side Emitting Mini Addressable Neon flex Strip
Date:2023-10-17 11:20:47 Click:390

      Side Emitting Mini Addressable Neon flex Strip

Internal Code:51800073

Now we're offering the side emitting mini addressable neon flex strip light,
It is DC5V,L3000*W6*H12mm, 18w/m with 96pixels
Application:mini Signage/illuminated adverting/car decorative lighting and any decorative of indoor and outdoor.
-silicon material with uniform light distribution without light dot 
-SMD RGB LED chip with Mirco IC built in ,individually control
-High UV & salt spray corrosion resistance IP65 for outdoor
-3m per reel ,6pcs mounting clips per reel included
-cutting unit 31.25mm and mininum bending diameter is 60mm
- JST SM connector
Did you had any projects want to use this side emitting neon tape ?


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