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Small DC5V Addressable RGB LED Round and Oval Module
Date:2023-10-21 16:43:13 Click:370

We customized two small size DC5V addressable RGB module for our friend.
One is Oval Module, the outer size is 102.3mmx47.7mm. The PCB width 6.5mm and has 26pcs SMD5050 LEDs.
One is Ring Module, the outer size is 44.5mm. The PCB width 4.75mm and has 16pcs SMD3535 LEDs.

Actually we have a standard product Ring Module series. The PCB width is 8mm, and also use SMD5050 

RGB LED with SK6812. 

This series has different diameter: 2mm, 32mm, 52mm, 72mm,

92mm, 112mm,132mm, 152mm, 172mm.

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